Depending on your area of interest or background, there are many volunteer opportunities open each year on the National Dinner Committee and its subcommittees. Each subcommittee is led by a team of co-chairs and works to develop key aspects of the Dinner.

Volunteer Sub-Committee

HRC owes much of its event success to its volunteer force. The Volunteer Sub-Committee provides a pool of volunteers for pre-Dinner events and for the night of the Dinner itself. Volunteers on this sub-committee have the opportunity to attend the Dinner and assist with ushering, greeting, assembling gift bags and the Silent Auction.

Several volunteers opportunities are available the weekend of the National Dinner. Check back soon for details.

Table Captain and Outreach Sub-Committee

The foundation of the Dinner’s attendance is built around table captains who commit to filling tables of 12. The Table Captain Sub-Committee hosts events focused on securing table captains, developing their table attendance and acknowledging their commitment.

Local Corporate Donor Sub-Committee

The success of each National Dinner is greatly attributable to the kind sponsorship of corporate America. The Local Corporate Donor Sub-Committee reaches out to the corporate community along with HRC staff to secure their support.

Program Book Sub-Committee

The National Dinner Program Book chronicles the night’s events and gives friends, local businesses, and corporations the opportunity to support the Dinner. The Program Sub-Committee solicits ads and helps to design the book.

Silent Auction Sub-Committee

For the competitive among us, the Silent Auction is an exciting night-of part of Dinner festivities that offers everything from vacations to furniture. The Silent Auction Sub-Committee networks locally and nationally to secure items for the auction.

Raffle Sub-Committee

Each year, the National Dinner Raffle provides Dinner attendees and the broader community the opportunity to win an automobile. The Raffle Sub-Committee organizes and strategizes ticket sales.